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How Can a Used Baler Save you Money?


Balers in the material handling industry are used to compress disposable waste products such as plastics, paper, cardboard, metals, and other materials. Originally balers were used in agriculture to compress hay, straw, and cotton into bundles for easier transportation. Now in an industrial setting they are used similarly to compress and bundle disposable material for ease of storage and transportation.


Storage space requirements for disposable products can be significantly reduced with a used industrial baler. Not only is the disposable product densely packed in to bundles, but they are also shaped like cubes, which can be easily stacked to save even more space. Baled products also reduce the number of loads of waste that leave your facility, saving you on transportation costs.


Used balers from American Surplus Inc. are very reliable, and include a 30 day ASI guarantee. Quality used material handling equipment helps people save money while still fulfilling their needs. Call American Surplus today, we will gladly provide solutions to your material handling concerns. Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you determine the right used baler to fit your exact needs, and budget.


Types of Forklifts: What you Need to Know


Forklifts are designed with features that are matched to various types of pallet storage application needs:reach truck


Used Electric Pallet Jack: picking from low level storage locations


Used Power Operated Stacker: lower weight & lifting capabilities for internal transport


Used Power Counterbalanced 3 and 4 Wheel Fork Lift Truck: Loads are counterbalanced by the weight of the vehicle with mast heights designed for the application


Used Narrow & very Narrow Aisle Trucks: truck base does not have to turn within the working aisle because load is moved sideways into or out of the storage rack


Used Reach Truck: load is retracted within the wheel base allowing a truck to operate in an aisle with reduced width.


The electrically powered used reach truck has replaced the traditional counter balance fork truck for many pallet handling applications. Because a reach truck can operate in a narrower aisle, added storage space can be achieved or allow added space for operational needs.


Substantially increased lift heights can also be achieved exceeding 33’.  Reach trucks do have some restrictions relative to possible 1st beam height so discuss this with our storage specialist.


ASI has been in the used storage & material handling equipment industry for over 20 years serving over 25,000 customers. Our storage specialist can quickly review your application against used reach truck features and benefits if needed. All reach truck sales are covered by a lowest price & 30 day guarantee.



Consolidating, Downsizing, Liquidating? Call ASI


Moving into a new facility or need to consolidate your existing facility?

American Surplus is constantly seeking used material handling equipment, including but not limited to:



  • Conveyor – Power and gravity – all types
  • Carousel Systems – Vertical & horizontal
  • Pick Modules
  • Mezzanines
  • Pallet Racking – Structural & selective, including drive in rack, pushback, pallet flow rack, and more!
  • Specialty Racking – Cantilever rack, reel & carpet rack, bulk rack, record storage rack, and more!
  • Shelving – Industrial steel, wire shelving, modular drawer shelving, and more!
  • Forklifts – All types including order pickers, electric, propane, narrow aisle, reach trucks and more!
  • Bins & Totes
  • Other Lift Equipment – Cranes, pallet jacks, stackers, vertical lifts, lift tables, and more!
  • Lockers
  • Packaging Equipment – Balers, case erectors, case sealers, stretch wrappers, and more!
  • Warehouse carts, fans, safety equipment, work benches, etc.


American Surplus’s in house crew will come to your location and professionally and carefully disassemble any or all of the equipment within the facility. If you are moving out of the facility completely, our team will make sure to leave the facility swept clean. All used materials will be loaded on our trucks and taken away from your facility.


Moving into a new facility? American Surplus can help determine exactly what you will need, and we can provide these materials at a fraction of the cost of buying new. We can also provide professional CAD layouts of your new location and the proposed setup to get a conceptual idea before starting the project. Trust the team with over 25 years of experience to guide you every step of the way.


No job is too big for American Surplus. We have a 530,000 square foot facility and a huge network of over 30,000 nationwide customers, so we can quickly find an appropriate home for your equipment. We have over 20 years of experience in consolidating, downsizing, liquidating, and relocating facilities. Whatever the project, ASI is here to help. Our dedicated sales team will gladly work with you on your next big move. Please feel free to give us a call today, (800) 876 3736, or send us an email briefly explaining your project!

Join Our Growing Sales Force!


American Surplus Inc. has been in the business of buying and selling used material handling equipment for over 20 years. We are constantly expanding, and require additional sales representatives to fulfill our incoming product demands. All leads are provided to you via incoming phone calls, walk-ins, or the internet.


We are looking for a motivated individual with 2-5 years of sales experiences, preferably in the material handling industry. This candidate must be able to adapt to a fast paced work environment, while maintaining and developing new clients.


Want to know more? View our careers page for more information, and check back for other available positions.


Which Type of Industrial Shelving is Right for Me?

shelving article
A warehouse or industrial facility is constantly changing its inventory as new items are being acquired and stored, and products are being distributed. One of the most important factors in laying out a material handling facility is optimizing your storage density. If you are primarily dealing with loose items not on pallets, than you should definitely consider the wide variety of used industrial shelving that American Surplus carries.


Used industrial shelving covers a wide variety of different types and styles, but they are all typically made of either heavy duty welded or roll-formed steel. Another common feature across varieties of shelving is the ability to adjust the shelves, but the increments at which this can be done varies.


One of the first major options you will be faced with when deciding which type of warehouse shelving is right for your facility is whether you need open or closed style shelving. Open style shelving allows for product to be accessed from all sides, and inventory items can be seen from all sides as well. Closed style shelving features the same frame as open style, but walls are then added to the sides and back. This is great for keeping inventory secure, especially small parts and odd shaped objects that can shift position.


There are also three different methods for securing shelves to the frames. Nut and bolt shelving is the sturdiest of the three but requires the most time and labor to set up. Clip shelving isn’t as sturdy as nut and bolt shelving, and more sturdy than boltless, and they use clips to lock each shelf into place. Typically the top and bottom shelf are secured with nut and bolts for added sturdiness. This is much quicker to assemble while still being able to hold large amounts of weight. The last style is boltless shelving, which takes the least amount of time to set up but also has the lowest weight capacity.


American Surplus carries specialty types of shelving as well, like wire and record storage. Used wire shelving has become extremely popular as it is easy to assemble, lightweight, and sturdy. The four uprights feature plastic circular clips that each shelf rests on, and these clips can be adjusted in 1’’ increments. This means as many shelves as you need and at whatever spacing you need. There are a variety of shelving options, including baskets, rails, casters, tilted shelves, etc. to customize your unit to suit your needs.


Record storage shelving is a style of open shelving that allows for the storage of letter/legal size document file storage boxes. They can contain a max of two boxes deep per level and two boxes high. These help keep documents organized while maximizing storage density. Taking advantage of vertical space is the easiest method to save space within a facility, and that’s exactly what these do.


Stop by American Surplus, we are your one stop shop for all of your industrial shelving and storage needs. Need to store palletized loads? We also have a large amount of used pallet racking on hand in many different styles. Don’t know which is right for you? Give us a call, our sales team will work with you and determine what type of storage equipment is right for your facility.