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Let ASI do the work for you! From Start, To Finish! Nationwide Installations Available

We know how difficult it can be to organize your warehouse. Whether you are a start up or growing/relocating business, we understand your needs. American Surplus has a knowledgeable sales staff & an installation crew that can handle any job. We have our own install crew, with two incredible lead guys. If the job is outside their radius for travel, we have a network of reliable and proven installers to get the job done for you. From the time you request a quote, until the job is complete, American Surplus is there. Featured here is one of our more recent jobs. The team is installing a 8,000 sq. foot used steel mezzanine (two separate modules) for one of our customers. We provided a CAD layout for the used mezzanine and designed the project to fit into their existing warehouse. Check out the incredible work &  impressive used warehouse mezzanine below. Let ASI get to work for YOU!

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Save money by creating office space & storage space at the same time!

Maximizing your warehouse space is a tricky task. As a warehouse manager you want to be able to store as much product as you can in the smallest amount of space. At the same time, you want to store your products efficiently. If you have an office inside your warehouse that can make things even more difficult. American Surplus specializes in providing warehouse equipment that saves you time, money and space. Two products we offer to make this possible are our Mezzanines & In-Plant Offices.


The best option for an office setup inside your warehouse is an in-plant office. These offices are customizable, modular, and easy to purchase and install. The wall panels come in 4’ x 8’ sheets so you can design your office to fit in the space you have available very easily. American Surplus offers the ability to add doors, windows & lighting as well. While we do not provide electrical outlets, the offices can easily be wired by your local electrician.


Now creativity comes into play. If you have tall ceilings in your warehouse, and have dead space over your In-Plant Office, it may not be as much of a waste as you think. American Surplus utilized a Pre-Owned Steel Mezzanine over it’s In-Plant Office in our warehouse here in East Providence, Rhode Island. We are able to store a lot of product and equipment on top ofthe office by building a mezzanine over the offices.


If you are interested this application of the products we sell you can speak with our sales team for more information and help with your project.


Below you can see how we utilized this application in our own warehouse at American Surplus. On the left, we installed a mezzanine over our main office to store more of our inventory and equipment. Towards the middle we have a second floor office, and all the way right we built another mezzanine to accommodate a large conference room & break room area. Underneath is a travel aisle through the main warehouse. By doing this we double our space while increasing efficiency at the same time.


Mezzanine and Inplant Office

American Surplus Warehouse Mezzanine and In-plant Office