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Industrial Shelving Comparison Guide

Used warehouse steel shelving is designed to store small, light to very large heavy, bulky items.  There are several application and shelving features that must be compared and considered when purchasing.
How the shelving will be loaded:

  1. Loaded by hand,
  2. using a forklift
  3. or, combination of both.

Hand loaded storage shelving categories are as follows:

  • Used steel compression clip shelving is an all-purpose system for light to heavier items, cases, cartons.
  • Used nut & bolt shelving uses all nuts and bolts to secure all shelves to posts resulting in a system for heavier loads.
  • Used steel wire shelving is used by certain industries requiring added visibility, cleaner shelves and NSF certification.
  • Used Enclosed shelving with either compression clips or nuts & bolts provides shelf level with solid sides and back to ensure stored product is secure.
  • Used welded frame with clip on beams provides added capacity for large and bulky products and supplies.
  • Used rivet style shelving using either single or double rivet connections allows a full range of light to heavy components being stored safely.
  • Used wide span shelving using clip on, single or double rivet connections is an all-purpose type of shelving for industrial storage including record storage boxes.


Use the attached shelving chart to compare available storage systems with your requirements. To confirm your choice, call (800-876-3736) and speak with one of our shelving technicians who will assist you in choosing the best system.
American Surplus has been in the storage and material handling business for over 20 years selling quality used shelving. You will be satisfied.


Pushback Racking –Solid Reasons for Buying

When considering the various types of pallet racking for your facility it can be a difficult choice if you have a wide range of load sizes, types of pallets, weights, and a high inventory turnover. Matching multiple SKU’s, quantities while meeting the load handling and damage concerns is a difficult operational task.


These and other issues should be reviewed in order to assist in planning the type of handling and racking systems that will meet your current requirements along with a plan that addresses the future.


Each of the current storage systems provides many of the same features that will adequately provide storage for the majority of your pallet loads:


Used Pallet Flow Racking;

  • a high density system
  • typically loaded from the back and unloaded in the front (FIFO)
  • utilizes depth of the structure to gain storage capacity.
  • There are pallet type and condition issues using this system.


Used Drive-Thru Pallet Racking;

  • a high density system
  • forklifts entering at both ends of structure
  • a FIFO inventory system.
  • Structure is subject to more forklift abuse and less operator safety.


Used Drive-In Pallet Racking;

  • high density storage system where,
  • forklifts enter from only one side
  • a LIFO inventory system
  • Ideal for freezers and cold storage areas
  • structure is subject to more forklift abuse and less operator safety


Used Selective Pallet Rack:

  • Provides the least amount of storage density
  • allows direct access to each pallet
  • adaptable to any product load, size, weight and volume


Used Pushback Racking:

  • system provides the highest density
  • a LIFO inventory system
  • Forklift does not enter system resulting in increased operator safety
  • less inventory damage
  • Accessible using a variety of forklifts


Structure is designed to organize storage space by “depth” rather than by “width”. This reduces the required aisle space and increases storage capacity as shown,

Used pushback rack has a long life cycle providing a base value that is compounded when you purchase a used system at over 50% off the price of new. Call and speak with one of our rack technicians who will work with you if needed to find the best system or combination that will both meet your needs and budget. Call 800=876-3736 today. You will be satisfied.