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10-Points to Consider when Buying Material Handling Equipment

When surveyed what most customers consider when buying a product!


Survey says:

  1. Buy a standard brand that has been time tested and from a company with an excellent reputation.
  2. When I comparing products expect that the latest model with a higher price should have more and better features and benefits.
  3. Prefer to buy on sale whenever possible.
  4. They want to do business with companies that have a good reputation and are consistent with their services and high product quality.


Additional Concerns:

  1. In order to make the decision as to value of the latest product model, function features and benefits should be reviewed and compared to earlier models.
  2. In addition, care must be taken to choose a product that is not damaged. Repairing a damaged product will increase your purchase cost.
  3. Want to buy a product that provides good value during its life cycle before having to be replaced.
  4. Will spend too much for some features not needed when buying new.
  5. The frequency of product use must be included in your decision.
  6. How to plan for product replacement if purchasing new or used?


American Surplus sells standard brand quality used storage and material handling equipment. Our products are purchased in most cases from large corporations that are either changing their distribution strategies or moving to a new location. ASI keeps its prices low by buying in very high volumes.

Most of the material handling industry products are made of steel that if properly maintained has a very long useful life cycle. Speak with one of our knowledgeable sales’ technicians who can speak to you about the value you can expect from both new and used products.

Typically customers call us when they have a storage and/or a material handling problem. We don’t expect or plan on our customers knowing all the benefits and features of the various systems available.    It’s our job to provide you the solutions, if needed, and sell you quality standard brand products at 45-65% of the price of new. Our company policies and our reputation over the last 23 years are the reasons we have so many repeat customers.

  • an industry “Lowest Price Guarantee”,
  • 30 day guarantee for a select group of equipment,
  • and a promise that you will be satisfied.

We encourage our customers to visit our headquarters and warehouses to review our inventory, see products demonstrated and speak with our sales technicians. And of course, all our services including CAD drawings are free of charge. Call (800-876-3736).

Burtman Mezzanine Acquisition

 Used mezzanine currently being dismantled in Rhode Island for immediate sale.
mezzanine warehouse equipment material handling

  • Over 5000 square feet
  • Burtman style (8″ C- channels)
  • Stairways (internal & external)
  • Gates (all styles)
  • Railing

Also Available from stock are mezzanine accessories including:

  • Elevator
  • Incline conveyor
  • Storage racking and shelving for top of a mezzanine

Contact American Surplus’ sales for more information about this and other style used mezzanines in stock. ASI sells used mezzanines.


Need it installed?

ASI’s crews travel Nationwide to install, dismantle and relocate Material Handling Equipment. Our services include planning, estimating other types of racking, shelving or conveyor projects. We also provide free consultations with sales’ technicians who can answer all your questions. Yes, we can visit your site and provide no charge CAD drawings for your project. You will be satisfied.


Call us: 800-876-3736

When to Stop Hand Taping your Cases

The answer is in matching your overall packaging requirements with the available systems.

material handling american surplus warehouse equipment tape dispenser packaging

Electric manual tape dispenser

material handling american surplus warehouse equipment tape dispenser packaging

Manual Tape Dispenser


Both hand taping systems are generally priced under $1,000 versus the automatics that are priced around
$10,000 new. Will both systems get the job done? Actually yes. The hand taping system is probably the
most versatile and able to provide taping for most case sizes rather quickly without any machine adjustments.The big difference is that the operator tasked with taping the case must provide all the labor with the mechanical or electronic dispensers while the automatics require less handling labor and can provide consistency in quality and a known speed of operation.
All taping systems require maintenance and downtime to replenish tape, glue, or water. The mechanical
and electronic dispensers hold less tape than the automatics and will require more maintenance & downtime. The automatics will require power and air. So consideration must include availability of an air compressor and power receptacle.
Will a manual system suit your requirements and budget or will you require an automatic random,
adjustable, flap folding, or case forming unit. Let one of ASI’s technicians review your needs and recommend a system to fit your operation. Call 800-876-3736.
Regardless of your choice you will be satisfied and your system is certified with the lowest price in the industry. In addition all used case sealers are sold with a 30 day guarantee.

The Best choice is a Used Case Sealer

A used case sealer is an effective high volume method of applying sealing tape to a cardboard case. Operators, depending on the application, fold the bottom taps of case and while holding the case in position, adds the contents, folds the top flaps down and feeds the filled case into the sealer as shown in video.
The choice of used sealer is dependent on the type and sizes of your cases and the quantity of each. Case sealers are designed to provide maximum efficiency, but the tape sealer must match your case sizes and quantities.
If your case size only changes occasionally within the range of the sealer, an adjustable used case sealer can do the job efficiently. If the size varies significantly then the best unit to choose is a random unit that adjusts to the case size automatically.

material handing case sealer tape warehouse equipment
Our packaging technician will inspect the case sealer for worn or defective components as follows:

  • Upper belt, covers and drive belts
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Upper tapping head
  • Upper drive assembly release knob
  • Pneumatic controls
  • Electrical control box, circuit breaker, and contactor
  • Electrical on/off push buttons
  • Box centering guides
  • Box drive belts
  • Upper drive assembly raising switch
  • Including any other case style components

After checking all the major unit components, the sealer is connected and turned on. Our technicians listen for unusual sealer noises; checking that the drive belts are properly tracking and not worn or frayed. The metal framework is checked for major dents. All other components are checked for wear. The inspection is concluded by checking the tapping operation of several cases to an acceptable standard.

Our Sales’ technicians are ready to answer any questions. American Surplus Inc. has been successfully selling new and used case sealers for over 23 years and of course sealers are sold with a 30-day guarantee and a Lowest Price certificate.