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Speed Up Your Shipping Department with A Stretch Wrapper

Used Stretch Wrapper

Used Stretch Wrapper


Stretch Wrappers, also known as pallet wrappers, are commonly used in warehouses across the globe to make packing orders for shipping much more efficient. Using a low density polyethylene stretch film, these machines wrap boxes and pallets very quickly. This film can stretch up to 500% of its length before breaking. The stretch properties of the film allow material to be bound tight & secure for long, grueling hauls to your customer.


The advantages and functions of using a stretch wrapper are numerous. In warehouses and industrial settings, these machines are essential to any shipping or packaging operation. Improved stability of products and packages provides confidence to your team that the material will reach the end user intact and unharmed. In addition, the handling of the load comes much easier for the material handlers on both ends, as picking up a skid that has been stretch wrapped is a breeze compared to inadequate packaging. Now unfortunately, there are also bad people in this world, thieves, who would seize any opportunity to make a couple dollars. Having a stretch wrapped load makes it difficult for anyone to access the material inside. Finally, the wrapped material is protected from dust and debris, helping to ensure a clean, beautiful product arrives at the other end.


There are three different types of stretch wrappers, manual, semi-auto, and automatic. There are variations of each but I will quickly discuss each in general.


Manual stretch wrappers, being the least efficient, rely on an employee or employees to use one of several techniques to manual wrap the order with a roll of the polyethylene film. Obviously this is going to leave some room for error as the task is tedious and you have a to get a strong, consistent stretch the whole time to make the load secure. While it can be done with the right technique, manual stretch wrapping should be considered for small boxes, or odd shaped orders that the machine cannot handle.


Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers come in three styles, turntable, orbital, and rotary arm. Turntable units spin the load on the platform of the machine while a roll of film is released on a fixed mast, moving up and down as the load spins. All of these styles are working on the same principle, the load is rotated faster than the film is fed, stretching the film as it turns. Orbital wrappers feature a vertical rotating ring to apply the film horizontally through the ring.  The last style, rotary arm, the material is stationary while a rotating arm circles the pallet, wrapping it with film.


Automatic Stretch Wrappers, are your best option, and also obviously the most expensive. However, they are worth the investment. These units, similar to semi-auto, but feature technology to load the machine, apply, seal, and cut the film. These stretch wrappers come in turntable and rotary arm styles similar to semi-auto units described above. The style unique to automatics is the rotary ring wrapper. The film is on a horizontal ring which moves vertically relative to the material being wrapped as the load stays in place. Automatic being the best option, allows the employee/operator to sit back and observe a perfect wrap with confidence.


Deciding on which unit to invest in, depends heavily on how much volume your shipping department needs to handle. These units are an investment, and will pay for themselves over and over throughout their life cycle. You will want to speak with one of our knowledgeable salesman before making a purchase to determine the perfect unit for your teams’ needs. American Surplus can help determine the model best suited for you and your material handling team.




When Your Pallet Racking Needs to Be Replaced

Pallet Rack will typically last a lifetime, however, collisions, ware and tare, and just plain freak accidents are always a possibility. Forklift operators have a tough job and with heavy objects and tall racks, no one is perfect and accidents can happen. Forklifts are very heavy and as you can imagine, it doesn’t take much for a pallet rack frame do become damaged if it is hit by one. The severity of the damage depends on several factors, and it is important to determine when it is necessary to take action.


The first course of action the forklift operator should follow is the procedure to report the incident. They should be aware that they will not be fired for accidents (unless they become excessive and regular) and for everyone’s safety, should not be afraid to report such incidents. If you notice damage in your warehouse, you should report it immediately as well.


In most warehouses, there is at least one individual that should have enough knowledge about pallet rack to determine whether or not it is safe to continue working or if the area should be unloaded and blocked off. Depending on whether or not the pallet rack is used pallet rack or new pallet rack, you have to decide if you need to replace, or repair the pallet rack.


If you have purchased used pallet rack, as long as the damage is not too severe, it is acceptable to use a pallet rack repair kit to make the frame structurally sound again. This is effective, and the least disruptive solution to your problem. I am sure you can imagine how difficult and labor intensive it would be to replace one frame in a pallet rack system. However, if you do have a new pallet rack system, installing a repair kit may void your racks warranty. That is a huge consideration that needs to be discussed before making a decision. In this case, replacing the frame would be of equal or lesser cost in the long run.


With all this said, the best way to handle pallet rack damage is prevention. You do not want this to happen in the first place, so preach safety constantly to your warehouse employees. Do everything you can to train your employees how to work safely, and of course, forklift driver training is a must and should be taken very seriously.


Used Pallet Rack

Used Pallet Rack




Benefits of Wire Decking

Used Wire Decks

When designing your pallet rack system there are many considerations before making a decision on your purchase. The basic decision involves purchasing your frames & beams. This step is usually as simple as knowing your capacity and size requirements. From there you must decide which type of support system for your products is best, and if your design will require any other addition accessories (wall ties, row spaces, top ties, safety products, column protectors, etc.). The two most common types of support for your pallets/product are pallet supports or wire decking. If you are hand loading you may be able to use wood as an alternative, although we do not recommend this usually in pallet rack, but wood is more commonly seen in rivet rack and bulk rack applications. Today we will strictly focus on the benefits of wire decks.


Wire decks are composed of 3-4 main supports with a grid style wire mesh that covers the entire depth of the frames. The width, as well as the depth, will depend on your pallet size/application. The wire decks can provide a great range of capacities to handle your products, which benefits both efficiency and safety in your warehouse. Below we will list the main benefits of wire decks:


  • Safety
    • In case of an emergency, the wire decks allow for your sprinkler system to work quickly and efficiently.
    • This benefits the building, the pallet rack itself, your products, and your employees’ safety.


  • Visibility
    • This does also play into safety, but the ability to see through the wire decks can help you identify products and pallets as well.
    • Makes inventory processes easier as well.


  • Reliability
    • The design of wire decks provides for great reliability, loading racks is not always easy and wire decks make that job more manageable.
    • The wire decks are more forgiving when loading and unloading pallets and while you do need to do your best to center the pallet on the wire decks’ supports, they are more forgiving than pallet supports.


  • Price
    • While the price of wire decks may be more than pallet supports, the benefits will pay back your investment very quickly.
    • You will save time and labor after you have installed your pallet rack system with wire decks for your warehouse.


  • Lighting
    • The wire decks design allows for light to pass through the levels in the pallet rack system.
    • This will brighten up your warehouse and eliminate a possible need for more lighting after your pallet rack is installed.


  • Cleanliness
    • Again the wire deck design is an advantage, in warehouses, as I am sure you know, dirt and dust is everywhere, and accumulates rapidly
    • Cleaning off solid shelves in a warehouse would be a nightmare, especially in tall systems, the wire decks allow dust and dirt to pass through and fall to the floor, which makes cleaning and maintenance much more manageable.


  • Installation
    • Wire decks are simply dropped into your pallet rack system, regardless of style, step wire decking, flared wire decking and inside flush wire decking.
    • In contrast to pallet supports, which need to be bolted to your beams, the wire decks require little effort to install.


  • Flexibility
    • The final benefit of wire decks to discuss here is the flexibility, you do not necessarily need your product to be palletized to utilize pallet rack, you can store almost anything on the wire decks.
    • This versatility can benefit your warehouse and business by saving time, money, and labor.


Used Flammable Cabinets- Save $$$ and Comply with Code

A fire could rage through your facility in literally seconds, leaving nothing to spare. This is just one of the reasons why it is extremely important to keep flammable/toxic chemicals and other corrosives in a safe place. Flammable storage cabinets have become more and more popular as they allow for the safe storage of these chemicals without risk of them catching fire.


Flammable storage cabinets have many safety features, including air vents, spill-proof doors sills, warning signs, self-closing doors, and more. All flammable storage cabinets sold by American Surplus exceed the NFPA Flammable Liquid Storage Code #30 and OSHA standard 1910.106 for storage class I, II, and III liquids.


flammable storage cabinet









As stated above, most flammable storage cabinets feature the ability to ventilate via air bungs that are typically capped. Venting a storage cabinet is actually not required or even recommended. The NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) states “Venting storage cabinets has not been demonstrated to be necessary for fire protection purposes. Additionally, venting a cabinet could compromise the ability to adequately protect its contents from involvement in a fire since cabinets are not generally tested with venting. Therefore, venting a storage cabinet is not recommended.”


So why do they even have vents if it compromises the flammable cabinet’s ability to work? Some local authorities (like AHJ – Authorities Having Jurisdiction – which supersede NFPA guidelines) require venting. Contact your local fire marshal to determine if venting is required in your location due to local regulations. You may also need to contact an Environmental Health and Safety Officer to determine if the facility has internal requirements pertaining to ventilation and storage.


If you have to vent my storage cabinet, how should you do it? Follow these basic guidelines for how to properly vent a storage cabinet, but also seek out guidelines from the AHJ for more specific local instructions.


  • Remove metal bungs or plugs from both sides of the cabinet and place the flame arrester screens in the openings
  • Use rigid metal tubing for the exhaust and intake bungs
  • Metal tubing from the exhaust and intake must go directly outside
  • Connect exhaust tubing to an exhaust fan
  • Fan must be constructed of non-sparking blades and shrouds


Having trouble with internal vapors, but you aren’t required to ventilate your storage cabinet? Here are some other tips to lower vapor emissions without having to vent your flammable storage cabinet:


  • Make sure the cabinet is in a cool, dry location with consistent temperature that isn’t exposed to direct sunlight
  • Properly ventilate the room or area the flammable cabinet is in
  • Keep an up to date inventory of current chemicals so that incompatible chemicals do not get stored together, and dispose of expired chemicals
  • Inspect the area around the cabinets and inside for possible leaks or spills, loose bungs, etc.


More and more local governments and companies are requiring the use of flammable storage cabinets to store hazardous chemicals within their facility. Call American Surplus today, our sales team would be happy to help you!



Your Guide to Investing in Used Material Handling Equipment

When researching & purchasing used material handling equipment, there are many factors to consider. Used Warehouse Equipment can save you a lot of money, but if you are not careful, it could be a mistake. There are a lot of dealers out there, so make sure you do your research and deal with the professionals. It is key to establish a relationship with a business that has long term success and has keep customers coming back for years. American Surplus prides itself in establishing long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Our goal is to not only provide quality, affordable products, but to deliver long term storage and warehouse solutions to help your business grow and succeed. With over 25 years of experience, our team is here to help you.



One thing we do to make our customers comfortable before purchasing is we provide the ability to see what you are buying before you get it. One advantage American Surplus has is its enormous 500,000 sq. foot facility full of inventory. Our sales team can provide pictures of the product they are quoting so you can see what you will be getting before it shows up at your door. If you are in the area, you are more than welcome to come check out the facility and products in person at any time!



Used Material Handling Equipment can offer huge savings, and if you are in a time crunch, we can often get you the order much quick than new from the factory. Steel is steel, when buying quality used equipment  you can be assured durable product for years to come. We understand how busy your schedule can be when growing a business, but if you take the time to establish a relationship with American Surplus, we can be another asset to your company as you grow and move forward.

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