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Your Guide to Buying Used Steel Shelving



used steel shelving


Used steel shelving is ideal for hand loading small inventory items, parts, tools, etc. There are several other terms for used steel shelving, we also call it used warehouse shelving and used industrial shelving. When purchasing used shelving for your warehouse, there are certain factors to consider and questions to ask yourself.


·         How much space do you have for used steel shelving?

·         How heavy is the material you are trying to store?

·         What size is the material you are trying to store?

·         How much material are you trying to store on used steel shelving?

·         What layout can your warehouse accommodate?

·         Do you need installation or do you have a crew to install the shelving?


You may be able to answer these questions, which is a big help for our salesmen to be able to accurately quote a job for you. If you do not know the answers, you can consult with your warehouse team and get back to us or a member of our sales team can come out and visit your facility to provide insight and recommendations for your warehouse. If needed, we will also provide a complimentary CAD layout of your warehouse and a CAD drawing of what our used steel shelving system would like in your warehouse.



Determining what size used steel shelving to buy is going to be based on the size and quantity of material you are trying to store, and how much space you have to store the product in. We stock a variety of shelving sizes to provide the best fit for your application. Once you have determined a size and layout for your shelving, we’ll take care of the rest. Our team will pick the material for your order, package material so it arrives in good condition at your warehouse, and provide installation instructions unless you prefer us take care of the installation.



Used steel shelving is an affordable way to organize your warehouse and become more efficient. If you are investing in tall used shelving, it might be a good idea to shop for a used rolling ladder as well, or used warehouse carts. These items make picking products easier and faster. If you are looking to store pallets, you should browse our inventory of used pallet rack. Used rivet rack shelving is another alternative to used shelving and features wood decking. If you are unsure which product is right for you, just consult our sales team, they are here for you!




Exercise Your Creativity with These Unique Inplant Office Ideas

One of the best features of inplant offices, or modular offices, is their modular construction. All the components are interchangeable, so when it comes to what sort of spaces you can create in your facility, offices are only the beginning. Let’s look at just how versatile a used inplant office from American Surplus can be.




Inexpensive, Easy to Setup Cafeterias and Break Rooms

In a dirty industrial environment such as a storage facility or distribution center, it is important that employees have a clean place to eat and take their breaks. A modular office can fill this role with ease without putting a strain on your budget.


Powder Coating Rooms

Powder Coating is a spray-on painting technique used in applications where a durable paint is required, such as for painting pallet racks and other heavy equipment. As the paint needs to travel through the air during painting, a clean environment to have a quality result. If your application requires powder coating in an industrial environment, then a used inplant office from American Surplus can give you the necessary environment to get the job done


Computer Rooms and Server Enclosures

Mission-critical computer systems require a high standard of maintenance to perform their tasks as efficiently as possible. Part of this maintenance is keeping machines in a temperature controlled environment, as well as keeping fans and components dust-free. An inplant office allows you to quickly and effectively setup an independent, climate controlled facility right inside your current operation. Managing your computer systems in-house is also cheaper than outsourcing to a datacenter or computer systems service, so an inexpensive, used inplant office from American Surplus is a no-brainer for businesses who want to take control of every aspect of their company, from production to management systems.


Administrative Offices

It can be expensive and inefficient paying for not just a distribution center, but also a separate administrative office on top of that. Bring your management into your warehouse by setting up an inplant office right on site. Not only do inplant offices provide a significant tax advantage over traditional buildings due to rapid depreciation, but they are already 50% less expensive from the start. So next time you’re thinking of adding additional amenities or features to your work environment, think about all of the different things a used inplant office from American Surplus can do for you.



Used Cantilever Rack In-Stock Now



American Surplus has used cantilever rack now in stock. With five different capacity styles, we’re bound to have something perfect for your application. Used Cantilever Rack is perfect for storing lumber, pipes, and other odd shaped items. It is also commonly known as used lumber rack and is seen in most home depot & lowes stores.  We have a super heavy duty, heavy duty, medium duty, regular duty, and light duty all in stock. The capacities for each all depends on the height of the rack you choose, and the number of levels on the rack. Once you tell us what you need, we can accurately determine the perfect fit for you.


Used Cantilever Rack


Check out our full selection and list of available sizes, Click Here for Inventory



Used Cantilever Rack is easy to install, and ships knocked down to save on freight. Our fabrication department can provide the perfect solution for your warehouse and for larger projects, our engineer can provide professional CAD layouts for your project. Our used cantilever rack is 100% American made, structural steel.


Call Our Sales Team Today for more information and get started on your project. 800-876-3736




Used Pallet Rack: Which Type Is Best for You?


Used Pallet Rack: Which Type Is Best for You?


Whether you are opening a new warehouse, adding onto your existing used pallet rack due to business growth, or moving into a new facility, you have decisions to make about your warehouse storage system. There are several options to choose from, starting with the most basic, floor stacking. Obviously, as used pallet rack distributors, we’ll advise you against this! From there, you have selective pallet rack, drive-in and drive-through pallet rack, pallet flow rack, and push back pallet rack. We’ll briefly discuss each option, highlighting each’s advantages & disadvantages.


Floor Stacking

As simple as it sounds, floor stacking would be your most basic option, where pallets would be placed on the floor in rows. If your pallets are holding material that is stackable, you could stack pallets in long rows, covering as much floor space as you can afford. This is commonly used in a LIFO (last in, first out) application, which is fine for some businesses.



  • No investment needed
  • High Storage Density


  • You can’t access every pallet
  • Takes up a lot of warehouse space



Used Selective Pallet Rack (Used Pallet Rack)

Used Pallet Rack

Selective pallet rack, or used pallet rack, is the most basic & common style of rack seen in warehouses across the globe. Used pallet rack features uprights (or frames) and pairs of cross beams (or beams) to create levels of storage for pallets. Used wire decks or used pallet supports are added to each pallet position for added capacity & safety. You can purchase used pallet rack uprights that go all the way up to the ceiling (be mindful of sprinkler systems if you have them).



  • Low-cost investment in comparison to other storage options
  • Ability to access all pallets
  • FIFO or LIFO applications


  • Lower storage density because of aisles needed between your rows of used pallet rack



Used Drive-In Pallet Rack and Used Drive-Through Pallet Rack

Used Drive-In Rack

Used Drive-in rack is a type of used pallet rack that allows the forklift driver to drive straight into a bay of the rack. The pallets rest on side rails that go front to back, rather than cross beams as traditional used pallet rack, leaving the front of the bay open for forklift access. There is usually a top tie (similar to a cross beam) at the very top of the bay to add stability & rigidity to the rack system. Used Drive-in racks are used as a LIFO inventory system, while the drive-through racks are used as a FIFO system. This style of used pallet rack is best for large quantities of the same inventory/product.



  • High Storage Capacity/Density
  • Lower cost compared to a flow rack system



  • Poor accessibility to every pallet
  • More opportunity for damage since the forklift is driving inside the rack system



Used Pallet Flow Rack

Used Pallet Flow Rack

This rack system has the same structure as used pallet rack, but its cross beams support used gravity roller conveyor within the rack (from front to back). The rollers are set at a pitch to allow the pallets to flow naturally toward the front of the rack. Once a pallet is unloaded, the pallets behind, using gravity alone, all move forward and the next pallet is ready to be unloaded. Like drive-in racks, used pallet flow rack is ideal for large quantities of the same inventory, using FIFO inventory management system.



  • High Storage Capacity/Density
  • Can store many pallets deep
  • No need to drive in the rack system



  • Poor accessibility to every pallet
  • High investment compared to other options



Used Push Back Pallet Rack

Used Push Back Rack

Used push back pallet rack is similar to flow rack, however, the pallets are both loaded and unloaded from the front. The pallets are typically rested on nested carts or gravity rollers. Pallets are loaded from the front, placed on the cart, and push back the other pallets to the back of the lane.



  • High Storage Capacity/Density
  • Only a single aisle is needed for loading/unloading



  • Poor accessibility to every pallet
  • Limited to 4-5 deep



With all the options of used pallet rack out there, while this guide is helpful, your best option is to call our sales team and go over your warehouse needs with them, and they can help provide you with the perfect pallet rack system for your business. We’ve been providing used pallet rack solutions across the country for over 25 years, give American Surplus a call today! 800-876-3736







Improve Your Shipping & Receiving Department


Used Flexible Conveyors are a great investment for your shipping and receiving department. This product is a powerless, gravity driven conveyor that transports products throughout the warehouse. They are flexible in that they are designed like an accordion, and collapse and expand to lengths needed for your application. The most typical application for this conveyor is shipping & receiving items. Unlike telescopic conveyor, the flexible conveyor is mobile, easy to move and is perfect for loading and unloading trucks. In addition to its physical benefits, this conveyor is a much cheaper alternative as well. Used Flexible Conveyor is available in both roller and skate wheel styles. The skate wheel style is offered in plastic or steel wheel. There are many different size options for you to choose from. The legs are adjustable to allow you to customize the pitch of the conveyor.



Used Flexible Conveyors improve the overall efficiency of your shipping & receiving department. There are several advantages to this type of conveyor. One advantage is the accordion design. This allows for adaptability and lets your team handle various situations with the same conveyor. In addition to collapsing & expanding, the conveyor can be curved to navigate to different areas. When not in use, these conveyors can be collapsed for storage and again are easy to move. The decision between plastic and steel wheels depends on the weight & nature of the products you will be transporting.


Curved Skatewheel

You can expand the conveyor right into the truck you are loading/unloading to easy move material on & off the truck and cut down on the time & effort it takes drastically. Used Flexible Conveyor can also be integrated with existing conveyor systems, power or gravity. Our sales team will help you find the right solution for your business, if you have a shipping & receiving department and don’t have this product already, you should give us a call at 800-876-3736!