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Used Cantilever Rack In-Stock Now



American Surplus has used cantilever rack now in stock. With five different capacity styles, we’re bound to have something perfect for your application. Used Cantilever Rack is perfect for storing lumber, pipes, and other odd shaped items. It is also commonly known as used lumber rack and is seen in most home depot & lowes stores.  We have a super heavy duty, heavy duty, medium duty, regular duty, and light duty all in stock. The capacities for each all depends on the height of the rack you choose, and the number of levels on the rack. Once you tell us what you need, we can accurately determine the perfect fit for you.


Used Cantilever Rack


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Used Cantilever Rack is easy to install, and ships knocked down to save on freight. Our fabrication department can provide the perfect solution for your warehouse and for larger projects, our engineer can provide professional CAD layouts for your project. Our used cantilever rack is 100% American made, structural steel.


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Used Pallet Rack: Which Type Is Best for You?


Used Pallet Rack: Which Type Is Best for You?


Whether you are opening a new warehouse, adding onto your existing used pallet rack due to business growth, or moving into a new facility, you have decisions to make about your warehouse storage system. There are several options to choose from, starting with the most basic, floor stacking. Obviously, as used pallet rack distributors, we’ll advise you against this! From there, you have selective pallet rack, drive-in and drive-through pallet rack, pallet flow rack, and push back pallet rack. We’ll briefly discuss each option, highlighting each’s advantages & disadvantages.


Floor Stacking

As simple as it sounds, floor stacking would be your most basic option, where pallets would be placed on the floor in rows. If your pallets are holding material that is stackable, you could stack pallets in long rows, covering as much floor space as you can afford. This is commonly used in a LIFO (last in, first out) application, which is fine for some businesses.



  • No investment needed
  • High Storage Density


  • You can’t access every pallet
  • Takes up a lot of warehouse space



Used Selective Pallet Rack (Used Pallet Rack)

Used Pallet Rack

Selective pallet rack, or used pallet rack, is the most basic & common style of rack seen in warehouses across the globe. Used pallet rack features uprights (or frames) and pairs of cross beams (or beams) to create levels of storage for pallets. Used wire decks or used pallet supports are added to each pallet position for added capacity & safety. You can purchase used pallet rack uprights that go all the way up to the ceiling (be mindful of sprinkler systems if you have them).



  • Low-cost investment in comparison to other storage options
  • Ability to access all pallets
  • FIFO or LIFO applications


  • Lower storage density because of aisles needed between your rows of used pallet rack



Used Drive-In Pallet Rack and Used Drive-Through Pallet Rack

Used Drive-In Rack

Used Drive-in rack is a type of used pallet rack that allows the forklift driver to drive straight into a bay of the rack. The pallets rest on side rails that go front to back, rather than cross beams as traditional used pallet rack, leaving the front of the bay open for forklift access. There is usually a top tie (similar to a cross beam) at the very top of the bay to add stability & rigidity to the rack system. Used Drive-in racks are used as a LIFO inventory system, while the drive-through racks are used as a FIFO system. This style of used pallet rack is best for large quantities of the same inventory/product.



  • High Storage Capacity/Density
  • Lower cost compared to a flow rack system



  • Poor accessibility to every pallet
  • More opportunity for damage since the forklift is driving inside the rack system



Used Pallet Flow Rack

Used Pallet Flow Rack

This rack system has the same structure as used pallet rack, but its cross beams support used gravity roller conveyor within the rack (from front to back). The rollers are set at a pitch to allow the pallets to flow naturally toward the front of the rack. Once a pallet is unloaded, the pallets behind, using gravity alone, all move forward and the next pallet is ready to be unloaded. Like drive-in racks, used pallet flow rack is ideal for large quantities of the same inventory, using FIFO inventory management system.



  • High Storage Capacity/Density
  • Can store many pallets deep
  • No need to drive in the rack system



  • Poor accessibility to every pallet
  • High investment compared to other options



Used Push Back Pallet Rack

Used Push Back Rack

Used push back pallet rack is similar to flow rack, however, the pallets are both loaded and unloaded from the front. The pallets are typically rested on nested carts or gravity rollers. Pallets are loaded from the front, placed on the cart, and push back the other pallets to the back of the lane.



  • High Storage Capacity/Density
  • Only a single aisle is needed for loading/unloading



  • Poor accessibility to every pallet
  • Limited to 4-5 deep



With all the options of used pallet rack out there, while this guide is helpful, your best option is to call our sales team and go over your warehouse needs with them, and they can help provide you with the perfect pallet rack system for your business. We’ve been providing used pallet rack solutions across the country for over 25 years, give American Surplus a call today! 800-876-3736







Improve Your Shipping & Receiving Department


Used Flexible Conveyors are a great investment for your shipping and receiving department. This product is a powerless, gravity driven conveyor that transports products throughout the warehouse. They are flexible in that they are designed like an accordion, and collapse and expand to lengths needed for your application. The most typical application for this conveyor is shipping & receiving items. Unlike telescopic conveyor, the flexible conveyor is mobile, easy to move and is perfect for loading and unloading trucks. In addition to its physical benefits, this conveyor is a much cheaper alternative as well. Used Flexible Conveyor is available in both roller and skate wheel styles. The skate wheel style is offered in plastic or steel wheel. There are many different size options for you to choose from. The legs are adjustable to allow you to customize the pitch of the conveyor.



Used Flexible Conveyors improve the overall efficiency of your shipping & receiving department. There are several advantages to this type of conveyor. One advantage is the accordion design. This allows for adaptability and lets your team handle various situations with the same conveyor. In addition to collapsing & expanding, the conveyor can be curved to navigate to different areas. When not in use, these conveyors can be collapsed for storage and again are easy to move. The decision between plastic and steel wheels depends on the weight & nature of the products you will be transporting.


Curved Skatewheel

You can expand the conveyor right into the truck you are loading/unloading to easy move material on & off the truck and cut down on the time & effort it takes drastically. Used Flexible Conveyor can also be integrated with existing conveyor systems, power or gravity. Our sales team will help you find the right solution for your business, if you have a shipping & receiving department and don’t have this product already, you should give us a call at 800-876-3736!






5 Tips to Optimize Your Warehouse Space



Maintaining and organizing a warehouse is no easy task. If you have ever worked in a warehouse you can imagine the difficulties a manager faces while trying to squeeze efficiency from the buildings’ resources & employees.  This is especially true for those companies just starting up a business. Due to rapid sales growth, seasonal sales, inventory growth, and other variables, a lot needs to be considered. We will start with five tips to help you build a successful warehouse operation. Managing Inventory, managing warehouse space, acquiring warehouse storage systems, training labor force, and re-arranging existing systems are five key elements to focus on.



1.Managing Inventory

Inventory is one of the biggest challenges facing a warehouse operation. It is essential to gauge inventory cycles and know how much, and how often inventory comes and goes. Most warehouses will feature barcode systems to help automate and accurately provide this information. This knowledge will help you organize and plan storage for your inventory and over time, this should become a standard practice in the warehouse. The type of storage system you choose, whether it be pallet rack, steel shelving, bulk rack, or rivet rack, must be ideal for picking and inventorying your merchandise. If you sell multiple products, identifying slow moving and fast moving products will help you make smart storage decisions.



2.Managing Warehouse Space

Designing a warehouse storage system takes a lot of planning and strategizing, and you may always need to adjust over time. However, American Surplus provides professional CAD layouts that can help make this process more manageable and with the ability to see the big picture, you can make calculated decisions about which types of storage equipment to invest in, whether it be pallet rack, steel shelving, mezzanines, pick modules, conveyor systems, etc. The main idea to focus on, is creating as much usable space within your warehouse as possible, both on the ground, as well as vertical space. A key piece of equipment that we offer is installing a mezzanine, which can essentially double the size of a given space.



3.Acquiring Warehouse Storage Systems

There are many various storage systems you can buy, and they all depend on your individual business & its needs. Pallet Rack, Shelving, Mezzanines, and any combination of the three are the most common options. Once you determine your inventory storage needs, you can speak with a salesman from American Surplus who can design a warehouse system to fit your specific inventory sizes & quantities. A CAD layout can be provided so that you can visualize your entire warehouse prior to making any decisions. If needed, an onsite visit can be scheduled to brainstorm and go over ideas in your warehouse. Maximizing your vertical space with a mezzanine is a huge advantage in any warehouse storage system.



4.Training Labor Force

Once you have your warehouse storage system installed and ready to go, you want to train your warehouse staff to know the in’s and out’s of your storage system & processes. First and foremost, safety in the warehouse is essential and with proper training, you can get everyone on the same page and reduce your exposure to safety issues. Establish goals for your inventory maintenance and shipping and receiving crew will save you time and money when receiving inventory and shipping out orders. It is critical to communicate your goals and why they are important to ensure that all employees understand their job and the importance of their job. Training will help you achieve a great level of optimization in your warehouse.



5.Redesigning Existing Systems

Finally, there may be a scenario, most commonly rapid growth, in which your current warehouse system is not enough. There are essentially two options for you and your team, you can redesign your existing space, or you can move to a new, larger warehouse. When you run into this problem, you are going to want to consult professional help and get an expert opinion, especially if this is your first move/redesign. It may be possible to re-arrange or add storage areas to your existing space, all depending on how drastic your growth change is. If you work with American Surplus, we store all of our drawings in our system, so we can revisit your original layouts and come up with options to help manage your business growth and make something work in your existing warehouse. However, if you are growing too fast for your current warehouse, we can help you plan for the future and grow into a larger warehouse. Our install teams can dismantle your existing warehouse and relocate your operation to a new building.




**New Teardrop Pallet Rack Quick Ship Program**

American Surplus is now stocking new teardrop pallet rack.


New Teardrop Pallet Rack FramesNew Teardrop Pallet RackNew Wire Decks



Pallet Rack Frames, Beams, and Wire Decks are in stock and ready to ship to you.


We understand price, quality and convenience are important when purchasing pallet rack for your warehouse. Now we are making it even easier to purchase new pallet rack. This program is best suited for our New England based customers as this New Pallet Rack will ship right out of our massive used equipment warehouse in Rhode Island.


On top of our quick ship program out of Rhode Island, for very large quantities & customers out west, we can source the same product and ship it directly to you nationwide.


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