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Pallet Rack Installation


Check out our most recent pallet rack installation. This was a new teardrop pallet rack job because the size of the job was so large it was more beneficial to the customer to go with the new option. The crew is working hard to complete the job and is almost at the finish line. American Surplus is proud of its ability to provide installation services to its customers nationwide. Our team is trained to assemble the pallet rack frames, pallet rack beams, wire decks and other pallet rack accessories.


Pallet Rack Installation


Teardrop pallet rack is perfect for most warehouses as it is easy to assemble and has a wide variety of capacities to accommodate most requirements. Selective pallet rack provides accessibility to all products at all times. This is important if your inventory has quick turnover. A selective pallet rack system is typically seen in a “big-box” distribution warehouse, as well as in some retail store inventory rooms, cold storage warehouses, wholesale stores, etc.


high bay 3 low bay 2 Pallet Rack Install


To design your pallet racking system, several things should be considered:

  • Storage density
  • Floor square footage and the height of your building
  • Placement of building doors and columns and other obstructions
  • Inventory accessibility needs
  • Inventory rotation process
  • Pallet size and weight
  • Optimal storage design and process
  • Cost of associated materials and installation



3 Ways to Save Money in Your Warehouse in 2018


Invest In a Used Steel Mezzanine

Used Mezzanine

  • Used Mezzanines, also called storage platforms, are a perfect way to add space in your warehouse without renting additional space.
  • You can incorporate conveyor, shelving, pallet rack and offices into your mezzanine as well
  • Take advantage of the vertical space your warehouse offers and get a quote on a used mezzanine today!
  • FREE CAD Layouts with Your Quote
  • Permits & Engineering Available
  • Ask for a quote on installation
  • Save over 50% Compared to New!!!



Recycle with an Affordable Used Vertical Baler

Used Baler

  • Produces bales up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Bale Size: 60″ W x 30″ D x 48″ H
  • 208 / 230 / 460 – 3 Phase
  • Overall Size: 78″ W x 41″ D x 152″ H
  • Reliable and safe industrial machine with extra heavy frame for baling used corrugated containers, cardboard, slab waste, signatures, aluminum, nonferrous, clothing, textiles, and other severe duty applications
  • Only 4 Units Left In Stock



Save Space & Organize with Used Shelving


Used Steel Shelving

Used Shelving

  • Thousands of Sections In Stock
  • Wide Variety of Sizes
  • Open & Closed Options
  • Clip Shelving- Quick Assembly
  • Free CAD Layouts
  • Ask about Installation
  • Save 40-60% Compared to New


Used Rivet Rack Shelving

Used Rivet Rack Shelving

  • Great Condition
  • No Hardware Necessary
  • Installs Quickly
  • Low Prices & Quick Delivery
  • Perfect for light, bulky inventory
  • 24″ Deep x 48″ Wide Shelves
  • 84″ Tall Posts



Merry Christmas & Happy New Year from American Surplus



From everyone at American Surplus, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We have had a great year and want to thank all our customers, vendors, employees, subcontractors and everyone else involved in making American Surplus what it is today. We are in our 25th year of business and continue to grow with our employees & team. As a dealer of material handling equipment, including used pallet rack, used shelving, used conveyor, used mezzanines and more, we pride ourselves on service, reliability, and quality of product. We look forward to making 2018 another landmark year for our business. American Surplus looks forward to continuing to help businesses grow and flourish in 2018 by providing quality, affordable warehouse equipment to businesses nationwide.


Used Warehouse Liquidation in Massachusetts


American Surplus has started another used warehouse equipment liquidation in Massachusetts, throughout December 2017 we will be dismantling the product and bringing it back to our warehouse in Rhode Island. This project features the following material: used pallet rack, used cantilever rack and used drive in rack. All three products are manufactured by Speedrack, and are in good usable condition.  Our team of dismantlers will be working on taking down the product and packaging the material for transportation. The rack is ready for sale and we offer special job site pricing if you purchase any of the rack prior to us bringing the material back to our Rhode Island storage facility.


Used Pallet Rack

The Used Pallet Rack makes up most of the material in this liquidation, with over 1,200 sections available. The manufacturer Speedrack makes this material attractive for many reasons. It is easy to assemble and dismantle, hence the name Speedrack. It is also a durable product that will last a lifetime, assuming it is protected with used pallet rack accessories, such as used column protectors. The pallet rack uprights are 44” deep and range between 96” and 192” tall. We also have a mix of 96” long and 144” long beams to go with this used pallet rack system. The old user had utilized used pallet supports to hold their pallets, and we can offer those, as well as used wire decks. The material is in good condition and is perfect for most warehouse pallet storage applications.


Used Cantilever Rack

Next, we have the used cantilever rack. This type of warehouse rack is perfect for storing lumber, pipe, and other odd shaped items. In this warehouse, the cantilever rack was used to store sheets of lumber and various piping. Also manufactured by Speedrack, this type of cantilever rack is easy to assemble, and has a very durable design to suit any warehouse project. The liquidation consisted of uprights, arms, and bases. The used cantilever rack uprights are 192” tall and feature a 12” x 4” column size. The arms are 48” long and have tabs on the end of the arms which is an added safety feature to keep product secure on the arms. The bases are the same 48” size length and are to be secured to the flooring for safety.


Used Drive In Rack

The third product we are acquiring in this warehouse liquidation is used drive in rack. The system features enough material to accommodate 352 pallet positions in 22 lanes. Drive in Rack is ideal for LIFO (Last In, First Out) inventory control methods within the warehouse. This system is built to store 4 pallets high (including ground level) and 4 pallets deep. As with the other material in this project, this used drive in rack is made by Speedrack. An added feature of this rack is that there are double rails to accommodate two different sizes pallets, which is a huge bonus feature. All of our used drive in rack quotes can come with a free CAD layout, so you can visualize your product and how it will be laid out before you make a purchasing decision. Our sales team can answer all your questions and concerns.

Huge Tax Savings Available for Used & New Warehouse & Material Handling Equipment

Understanding the Section 179 Deduction

It’s hard to believe that 2017 is ending already, but that means it’s time to talk about the Section 179 Deduction program again. This tax program can save your business thousands and should be considered by every small business in America. Most small and medium sized companies will be benefiting from this deduction so don’t miss out! The equipment must be purchased and put into service by 11:59pm, 12/31/2017. The deduction limit is $500,000 and the limit on capital purchases is set at $2,000,000. This can really help your bottom line at years’ end. The purpose of the deduction is meant to encourage businesses to stay competitive by purchasing needed equipment, and writing off the full amount on their taxes for the current year.


Click Here to see the Section 179 calculator in action for 2017 – go ahead, run some numbers and see how much you can save in real dollars this year.

2017 section 179 tax deduction write off

The Section 179 is good on both new and used equipment and is a true small business tax incentive. A lot of people think this is a mysterious tax code, but it is fairly simple. This section of the IRS tax code enables businesses to deduct the total purchase price of qualifying equipment from their gross income. The idea is the program is an incentive to encourage businesses to purchase equipment and invest into their company. As one of the very few incentives offered, this one is a must!


To Learn More, Click Here!